Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Genious Communications SLA is a service level agreement between the client and Genious. It defines the terms of our responsibility and your guarantees. It falls under our dedication and professional ethics towards our customers.

We want our prospects feel comfortable with the decision to move their Web hosting to Genious Communications. It is this confidence that has propelled us to the fastest growing hoster in our continent.

The Genious SLA covers three components that ensure the availability of your website:


We guarantee network availability to 99.74% of the time in a given month, the warranty does not apply in any way to plan maintenance or any event that is not directly related to Genious.


Genious warrants the power output of its data center to 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance. The power includes inverters, PDUs and cabling.


We guarantee the good function of all server hardware and replace any failed component at no cost within a maximum of 4 hours from problem identification by our technical service.


  • What's the purpose behind acquiring an SLA contract?

    An SLA is an agreement between Genious Communications and the client.

    It eases the collaboration between the client and the entreprise by optimizing the clients needs and expectations in terms of the quality of the service delivered.

    The Service Level Agreement allows us to collaborate in a transparent environment to have a better understanding of the client needs.

  • What information are included in this agreement ?

    An SLA contains the following information:

    • Information of the undersigned
    • Description of the services provided to the client
    • Description of the services performed by Genious Communications for a better quality of the customer service
    • Roles and responsabilities of Genious Communications
    • Roles and responsabilities of the client
    • Rate of the services provided and the billing process
    • Payment method
    • Duration of the agreement
    • Renewal process
    • Termination of the agreement
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