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Everything starts with a domain name! Search for your domain name in Genious Communications’ built-in search tool.

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Finding a domain name that best reflects your activity is the first step toward a successful and strong online presence.
You can instantly check the availability of your domain name in Genious Communications’ domain name search tool.

Why register your domain name with Genious Communications ?

Genious Communications is not only accredited by the ANRT (National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency) but is the first organism to be accredited by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) in North Africa!
Find the right domain name, reserve it now at the best price and benefit from the following advantages:

Easy and simple management of your domain

We have a simple tool that will help you in the management of your domain name. We provide to our customers an easy-to-use interface where they can find all what they may need.

Diversified choice of extensions

Enhance your online identity and register your domain name using the extension you want among the 395 extensions available on our platform!

Technical support

Our technical support is always available and ready to help. You can ask our domain name professionals for an intervention any time you want!

Included with your domain name


By purchasing your domain name from Genious Communications, you will be able to add web redirections (with or without frame), mail redirections and modify DNS for free!


With the ID Protection option, your domain name’s Whois information will be hidden, in order to ensure the security and the privacy of your identity and your contact information.
ID protection is however not available for .ma domains.


You can modify your DNS records via your customer account and have complete control over your domain name.

Ownership Certificate

For .ma domain names, you can ask for the ownership certificate that confirms and proves that you are the domain owner.

FAQ about domain name registration

  • What is a domain name ?

    A domain name is a common name of a website, it is considered as an internet address. It is made up of a prefix "www", the domain name, and lastly, the extension. Example :

  • How can i buy a domain name ?

    You can check the availability of the domain name you want to register with the extensions you want by using Genious Communications search tool. If available, you can register it using the extension you want!

  • Can I modify my domain name after registration ?

    Once you receive a Genious Communications notice that your domain name is registered, you can no longer modify it.

  • Am I the owner of the domain name I ordered ?

    Yes, you are the owner of the domain name you ordered!
    Please note that as long as you have not paid your invoice nor received a notification that your domain name is registered, the domain name can still be registered by someone else. Make sure you have received this notification after you have paid your invoice. In case you didn’t receive it, contact us.

  • Can I change the Registrar ?

    Yes, you can always change the registrar, anytime and without any need to involve Genious Communications.
    Note that ICANN bylaws prohibit the domain name transfer if the domain name was subject to a registration or transfer in the last 60 days.