Server Outsourcing

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the practice of delegating the management, the optimization, the security and the administration of servers or computer equipment to an external service provider or a company specializing in systems administration. This operation requires the intervention of specialists in the field to ensure the proper functioning of servers and websites.

Why choose an outsourcing service?

  • Maximized availability and security for your servers.
  • Regular computer maintenance.
  • Guaranteed server protection against malware.
  • Better focus on your business and your activity.

Why entrust the outsourcing of your server to Genious ?

With Genious Communications, you entrust your information system to a service provider specialized in the administration and management of servers on the Internet. The delegation of the management, operation, optimization and security of your servers to Genious Communications includes several benefits:

You are dealing with an expert in the field.

You increase the performance of your company.

You reduce the costs related to IT maintenance.

Guaranteed intervention time (GTI) and recovery time (GTR).

Your data is secured and backed up in an automated way.

Our outsourcing services

System Administration

Genious Communications ensures, through a specialized team, the administration and management of your systems and your computer resources by the installation, the maintenance and the regular commissioning of your servers for better performance.

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In order to preserve all the data of your company, Genious Communications allows you to back up your data in an automatic and secure way with its backup offer that can be done through R1Soft or through a local backup.

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With Genious Communications, migrate your websites, applications, databases and servers in a secure and simple way. Let our teams manage the migration process in record time.

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The maintenance of a website is now an essential practice for the proper functioning of an Internet platform. Genious Communications is committed to maintaining your website through good maintenance accompanied by an efficient optimization system for sites developed with WordPress.

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