Quality intervention with high impact !

This service is specifically designed for clients with sites developed using WordPress.

Why is the maintenance of your Wordpress site so important?

Your Wordpress site needs regular maintenance to improve its performance. Updates to your CMS, security patches are made available to system users.

Pack "On Demand"

Intervention when needed

4 704.00 KSh Per intervention

Pack "We handle it all"

Monthly commitment

14 111.00 KSh Per month

Our fields of intervention :

Our intervention concerns the performance of the Wordpress site and the quality of the code:

Performance : We recommend Google (PageSpeed insights) and Yahoo (Yslow).
SEO : Implementation of best practices (standard requirements).
Compliance with W3C standards.


Security updates of the Wordpress CMS and various extensions and plugins.
Automatic backup, cleaning and optimization of your database.
Backup of your data in case of a crash.
Verification of broken links & blocking of intrusion attempts.


Amélioration du taux de conversion :
Improve conversion rate: Make your site more profitable by optimizing the data loading time.
Smooth and fast navigation.

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